Why do i Need Regular Dental Cleaning and Exams?

Why do i Need Regular Dental Cleaning and Exams?

Feb 14, 2019

Prime Dental: Are Regular Dental Cleaning Exams Really Important?

It’s recommended by the American Dental Association that every person visits the dentist at least twice a year for examination and professional cleaning. Even people who follow a good oral routine can benefit from regular visits to the dentist as hidden dental issues can be addressed and prevented from escalating. The experienced team at Prime Dental is dedicated to the wellbeing and health of every patient that comes to them.

Here’s a Look at the Benefits of Regular Dental Cleaning:

Keep Your Smile Healthy and Beautiful

  • Prevent Plaque

It is important to prevent the plaque from building. Though daily brushing and flossing helps, it is important to go for dental cleaning sessions so that the plaque between the teeth and areas that are hard to reach by the brush can be removed. If the plaque sticks around for a longer duration, it hardens and transforms into tartar which can’t be removed by daily brushing and flossing.

  • Prevent Cavities

Cavities start out as really small when the bacteria make small hole in your enamel. But cavities can create big problems which may require crowns, root canals, and tooth extraction. The dental cleaning experts will treat the cavities.

  • Save Time and Money

Having a healthy smile doesn’t only boost your confidence and make you happy but also helps in saving you money. The dental issues if detected at an early stage can be treated saving time and money both. But when the issue escalates, the bigger treatment will demand more money and time. Regular dental exams will prevent the issues from progressing further. Why to spend your hard earned money on expensive dental treatments when you can use them in better ways.

We Are Happy to See You Smile at Prime Dental

With hectic lifestyle and busy schedule, it can be difficult to make time for visiting your dentist but you should make it a point to visit the dental clinic in TX 75025 them at least twice a year.