Dental Fillings in Plano, TX

Dental fillings or tooth fillings are a very simple and effective procedure that can be done in Plano that is meant to restore the strength and appearance of your teeth after decay. It can be utilized to restore a tooth that has been mildly damaged by a cavity to its normal function and shape. Of course, if it is within your power to completely avoid needing a filling, that would be best. However, that is not always the case.

When a cavity forms in your mouth, it is due to the colonization of bacteria that slowly produces acid that drills into the enamel of your tooth. After some time, the erosion creates a cavity, or a hole, in your tooth enamel. Once your dentist discovers the cavity, they will thoroughly clean it, remove any damaged pulp, and fill the cavity with a filling material. If your dentist does not fill the cavity, it would be very easy for food particles to get stuck in the hole and for bacteria to colonize the area again. The cavity filling creates a barrier that protects the vulnerable hole in your tooth. Let Prime Dental explain fillings a little more in depth:

How are Fillings Applied?

As mentioned above, the first step in getting a tooth filling is to remove any decayed tooth material, called pulp, clean the infected area thoroughly, and subsequently fill that area in with a filling material. The material used depends much on your personal preference and the suggestion of your dentist. There are many types of fillings such as silver fillings, porcelain fillings, gold fillings, and composite resin fillings. The choice is typically up to you.

Which Filling Material Should You Choose?

You, together with your dentist, will choose the filling material that is best for you. Although the sealing material is a matter of preference, there are unique benefits to each material.

Amalgam (silver) fillings are very common, long-lasting and inexpensive. You typically see these feelings lining the inside of the mouth of many children. The biggest downside to this material is that many people dislike the way it looks. It has an unnatural look and it’s typically less desirable than gold.

Gold fillings are made to order from a special laboratory and subsequently placed into your cavity after they are delivered. This filling material is extremely long lasting and can last up words of 20 years. It is tolerated very well by the body and is extremely durable. However, some people dislike that it has an unnatural look while others enjoy the look of gold. One large downside is that this material is the most expensive option.

Composite Fillings can be colored to be the exact color of your teeth and are typically inexpensive. However, this feeling material lasts sometimes as little as three years.

If you have any questions regarding cavity fillings in Plano, Allen, McKinney and Frisco, please call Prime Dental to set up an appointment.