Prime Dental (Plano) – Title – Emergency Dental Care

Prime Dental (Plano) – Title – Emergency Dental Care

Feb 27, 2019

When you are asked to visualize a medical emergency, what comes to your mind? An ambulance, lots of blood and probably a surgery room. This is the problem – most of the people don’t consider dealing with a dental emergency that crucial.

Dental emergencies can be equally critical, if not more than other medical emergencies. Prime Dental has a great speciality in taking care of such dental emergencies. So, if you ever get stuck with one of these emergency situations, you know where you are supposed to rush:

  1. Knocked out tooth.

    We all have either experienced this firs hand or have seen someone else go through this. Either someone gets hit by a ball, or trips unexpectedly – the end situation is where a tooth gets knocked off.

    While looking at all the blood and a missing tooth, you may feel paranoid. Simply rush to Prime Dental and you will not be worrying about any of it anymore.

  2. Broken tooth.

    Unlike the tooth getting knocked off, a tooth which gets broken seems more troublesome. When an entire tooth is missing, the dentists’ job becomes easier – they just have to take care of the bleeding at the moment and then install an implant in the place; but when a tooth gets broken, it almost becomes a problem which persistently demands precision.

  3. Lost filling or crown.

    Many of us have already been through the process of having lost a tooth partially. Fillings, crowns and veneers do a great job of helping us get our tooth back to the perfect shape. That said, these are not perpetually indigenous solutions and can sometimes loosen out. So, without getting confused about it, simply see your dentist.

  4. Severe toothache or pain.

    Finally – there are times when we just don’t know what is the cause of the problem. There can be so many reasons; but we know one thing for sure – that the pain is unbearable. In such situations, do not wait for the painkillers to fix it for you. Visit your dentist immediately.