Conditions That Warrant A Tooth Extraction

Conditions That Warrant A Tooth Extraction

Mar 01, 2019

Tooth extractions can be scary. If your dentist suggested you to get tooth extracted, then worry not we will guide you through it. Tooth extractions in Plano, TX means pulling the tooth from its socket. Getting to know the reasons that need you to get your tooth extracted can ease up your mind.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Many people have impacted wisdom tooth. Now, many people don’t even have wisdom teeth. And some don’t face problems but some have severe problems. The only solution is that to get it extracted.

Impacted wisdom tooth can cause:

  • Infections and ulcers
  • Decay
  • Swollen gums
  • Difficulty in opening mouth
  • Jaw pain
  • Gum disease
  • Damage to adjoining teeth

Wisdom teeth or the third molars create problems as they don’t have enough space to erupt normally. It erupts between the ages of 17 to 25. Impacted wisdom tooth doesn’t have any other solution.

Other Tooth Extractions

Dentist near Plano, TX recommends getting regular check-ups in every 6 months to have thorough exam of your teeth and gums. Other than wisdom tooth extraction there are several other reasons of getting your tooth pulled. Dentist in TX 75025 always first tries to save your natural tooth but when you don’t have any other treatment options left tooth extraction becomes inevitable.

  • Decayed teeth: Every dentist will first try to treat a decayed tooth with a filling or root canal first, but if your tooth is too damaged, extraction may be needed. The process can vary based on your unique needs and the severity of decay.
  • Crowded teeth: Many times tooth extraction is a part of preparation for orthodontic treatments. If case your mouth is over-crowded by teeth, your orthodontist may recommend pulling a tooth to make room for a straighter and attractive smile.
  • Infection: If your teeth have been infected by abscess, it may require an extraction depending on the severity.
  • Baby tooth: Sometimes your baby tooth doesn’t fall off causing problems for the permanent teeth.

Find Out More about Tooth Extraction

It’s important that dentist take extractions very seriously. Know more about tooth extractions at Prime dental Plano.