About Us

Prime Dental in Plano, TX is dedicated to providing every patient with convenient, safe, and effective dental care. We strive for each person that enters our office to feel comfortable and welcome at their dental appointments. Scheduling can be a bit of an issue for a lot of individuals, but we work beyond expectations to make sure each patient is taken care of and that you and your family get the dental treatment needed. Our experienced dental staff is committed to maintaining your oral health regardless of age and other factors. We provide family dentistry services and cosmetic dentistry, so you can get a smile you love at our dental office.

Expert Dental Staff

The staff at Prime Dental in Plano have more than 35 years of experience together. A dental office is only as good as its staff, and the staff at our office is amazing. We work with each person one-on-one to discuss their dental desires and how to achieve the smile they want. With this kind of expertise, you are in good hands no matter what procedure you are having done.

Convenient Hours

Most dental offices are open early and close even earlier. At Prime Dental in Plano, you will not have to worry about waking up absurdly early or missing work for dental appointments. Our office is open from 7am to 7pm on most days, so you and your children can come in for a comprehensive dental examination and a thorough cleaning of your teeth and gums.

Restore Your Smile

We give patients every option to take care of their dental needs. Our office specializes in family and cosmetic dentistry, so you can regain your oral health or make your smile brighter. Our dental staff knows how important a radiant smile is, so we work hard with every patient to produce a smile that will dazzle the room.

If you have been looking for a dentist in your area, feel free to call and schedule a dental appointment at Prime Dental in Plano. Our trained staff can assess your oral health and offer recommendations and solutions for any dental issues you may need treatment for.